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Use your credit card to travel like the experts

For your trips, having one of these cards can be very useful and can even be an indispensable requirement.

Credit cards are indispensable tools in the daily life of many of us, however, many times we do not get all the juice possible because in large part we do not know the benefits they offer us.

And this often applies to our trips, whether national or international. The number of travelers has increased markedly in recent years; for tourism or for work, many of us are frequent users of airlines, hotels, etc. So today I want to give you some tips to take advantage of the benefits that your credit card can give you.


Use of travel credit cards

Use of travel credit cards

As we all know, the world’s largest card issuers are Visa and MasterCard, followed by American Express.

For your trips, having one of these cards can be very useful and can even be an indispensable requirement.

Payments in foreign currency without having to change cash, reservations, hotel deposits and even requirements for the rental of a car, are some of the situations in which having a global credit card will get you out of more trouble.

Now, in addition to this, remember that there are also benefits that these issuers offer, such as access to VIP lounges in airports, free insurance, upgrades in room category in hotels and even concierge service to support you with reservations or any other request that you could have Check with your bank and your issuer for the specific benefits your card offers.

Now I will tell you a little more about some important points


Which issuer suits me best?

credit cards

The reality is that in regards to Visa and MasterCard, they are practically accepted worldwide and no longer only in large or formally established businesses, but increasingly, small businesses accept this means of payment as a way to increase their clientele.

I can tell you that for these cards the differences will be more aimed at the conditions determined by your bank, so, if you have any of them, don’t worry, you are in good hands.

For its part, American Express continues to maintain that small lag compared to the other two companies, especially as regards small businesses. But if your intention is only to use it in hotels, restaurants and large shops, you will have no problem in virtually any city in the world.

One feature that I consider attractive to American Express service cards is regarding deposits requested by some hotels and car rental companies, especially as collateral or for additional expenses. Being a card with no pre-established spending limit, it does not generate any credit line block. Think of the following example, if you have a MasterCard credit card with a credit limit of $ 25,000 and you arrive at a hotel that asks you to leave a voucher open for $ 5,000, the bank automatically locks that amount so you will only have $ 20,000 available for others expenses, until the hotel cancels it. This does not happen with American Express service cards, and during a trip this can be a great advantage.

Now, on the other hand, if you like me are a fan of points and rewards and also like to travel, I have information that I am sure is important to you.

We will review some credit card options that from my point of view will help you not only get many benefits during your travels, but also travel more often.


Airlines Cards

Airlines Cards

First of all, I want to talk to you about the Airlines cards. There are many, Aeromexico, Internet, Volaris and even some internationals such as American Airlines offer their cards in Mexico through different financial institutions, they usually offer you a high status by default (gold or platinum) in their loyalty program, which gives you access to certain benefits when flying on the airline.

Also, most give you a ticket or a certain number of points when hiring and a 2 x 1 each anniversary of the card.

These cards suit you if you are very faithful to the airline or have a particular destination that you frequent a lot, whether for work or pleasure.

To get the most out of this type of cards, it is important to remember that whenever you travel you should buy the tickets with this card to be able to generate greater benefits and participate in promotions.

These types of cards generally have a CAT (Annual Total Cost) quite high so I recommend using them wisely and trying to settle the entire balance monthly.

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