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Personal loan calculation: simulate your credit

Simulate your personal loan with a calculator

Simulate your personal loan with a calculator

Would you like to take out a personal loan for a project? Purchase a car, motorcycle, student loan, travel project, work, preparation of a wedding … Whatever it is, your pojet requires some preparation and must benefit from the best solution.

This is exactly what a personal loan calculator is for : it is an online tool offered by many credit agencies and websites to allow you to simulate your personal loan. Amount to borrow, repayment period, amount of monthly payments, credit rate … The personal loan calculator is made to help you estimate the optimal conditions of your personal loan.

Why use a personal loan calculator?

Why use a personal loan calculator?

Simply to get a first idea of ​​the conditions of realization of his project. If you want to take out a personal loan, you better get an idea of ​​the impact that the credit will have on your Pinocchios. Thanks to the personal loan simulation, you will be able to estimate:

  • The amount of your personal loan
  • The total duration of your personal loan;
  • The amount of monthly payments to be repaid;
  • The interest rate of your personal loan (or APR, annual percentage rate).

The personal loan simulation also allows you to better prepare your application with banks or credit agencies! Well informed about the possibilities that are yours, you will be more convincing for these institutions.

Calculate your personal loan: how to do it?

Calculate your personal loan: how to do it?

Thanks to the personal loan simulation, calculating your credit is an easy process. Just go to an online calculator. First, you fill in information about your project and in a second step, you access the results.

Fill in some information for the calculator

The first step in calculating your personal loan is to fill in the required fields. Among the information to be informed:

  • Your type of project : specify that it is the personal loan that interests you. You can also run simulations with other types of credit to see if you can benefit from more favorable terms;
  • The amount you want to borrow;
  • The length of the desired personal loan or the amount you want to repay every month. Be careful to take into account your borrowing capacity, your monthly payments should not represent more than 33% of your income! ;

Access the calculation results

As soon as you have filled in these informations, the tool automatically calculates the conditions of realization of your project. The personal loan simulation shows you:

  • The total cost of your personal loan (which includes the amount borrowed and interest);
  • Your credit rate
  • The amount of the monthly payments or the total duration of the personal credit.

Attention: the simulation of personal loan is not contractual. The results given by the personal loan calculation are informative. These are estimates, but not definitive offers from banks or credit institutions.

Personal loan simulation and comparison: what differences?

After simulating your personal loan, you can compare personal loans to find the most competitive offer for you. Simulation and comparison are two different steps:

  • With personal loan simulation, you calculate the economic feasibility of your project;
  • With the personal loan comparison, you put the banks and credit agencies in competition to find the best loan.

Calculate your personal loan through simulation is an essential step to get the keys in hand and compare the best offers in a second time!

Compare to find the best personal loan

Compare to find the best personal loan

Once you’ve used a personal loan calculator, you just have to compare personal loans online! On, you can find the best quotes in a few clicks. You fill in the essential information about your project (nature of the project, amount to borrow, duration of the personal loan …) and about you (your personal situation, your financial situation, your professional situation) and access in a few minutes to tailor-made offers.

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