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Freelance Loan: Know How To Get

Financial loans are only for those looking to settle high interest rate issues such as credit card and overdraft, for example as well as organizing the day’s finances. day, cover possible unexpected expenses and even open a business of your own. But when it comes to self-employed loans, the barriers seem to be a little higher. But they only seem, because in this post you will see that even though not being a CLT worker, the freelancer also has access to credit lines.

Because they are often unable to prove their income, self-employed people need to fulfill some additional prerequisites at the time of applying for credit. , who works on his own, earn his personal loan. Keep up!


Should I have a bank account?


If you have a bank account you will be able to show your movement and this allows the financial companies to analyze the contracting power of the contractor, in this case a self-employed person. The bank statement is considered proof of income by most financial companies, but they are successful when there are no restrictions on credit protection agencies, such as SPC and Serasa. That is, they help when the person does not have a dirty name.

But it is worth a caveat: hardly the loan for self employed will be released to anyone who is account holder less than 6 months. The longer the relationship with the bank, the greater the chances of loan approval.


What documents prove my income?

money loan

To prove his income, the self-employed person must have in his hand some documents that can be replaced by pay stubs:

  • Personal Income Tax Return (IRPF): This provides the financial performance of the contractor.
  • Decorate: attests to the profitability of autonomous activities. The document should be issued by a trusted accountant, preferably who really knows and tracks the finances of the freelance professional. For your issue, you must submit a bank statement of the last three months, ID and CPF.


Who offers self-employed loans?

self-employed loans?

Online Platforms

Freelancers can find online loans simpler and less bureaucratic processes. With clean name and proof of banking, many are the options. Within the GuiaBayment app and on the website itself, you can compare loan rates, see how much the installment would look like and get access to the best rates on the market. Check-out!


Even though they offer higher interest rates than usual, the financial ones are an outlet for those who don’t have restrictions on the SPC and Serasa, but have a checkbook and a good movement. . Simulations are usually performed quickly and, if contracted, the value is released on the same day. For those who are self-employed but retired or pensioner, the contract is correct since the value of the benefit is discounted from the benefit. But in this case, also evaluate payroll-deductible credit options, which usually have cheaper rates.


For self-employed account holders of a particular bank, it is simpler to get a personal loan, as the bank already knows the client’s financial profile and history.

In this case, check your bank’s internet banking, or go straight to the bank to find out if there is a pre-approved loan limit or, if not, how to open this request. Yeah

Getting a loan for self-employed has no secret. Just keep a good financial movement over the months and have to prove it.

Have you ever gotten a loan on any of the channels mentioned in the text? Are you self-employed and in need of money? Comment and share your experience!

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