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Secured Loan: Is It Worth It?

With bank lending thinning and interest rates rising, a new type of credit has been in high demand: the secured loan. Not widely practiced in the market but encouraged by financial institutions in times of economic crisis, this type of credit offers more attractive interest rates and has been the choice of small business loans…

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Social loans – light and dark sides of private borrowing

Until recently, social loans developed mainly on foreign markets, where even today they are triumphing. In Poland, they were not so popular at first, especially when compared with payday loans offered by loan companies. However, this has changed and today we can take advantage of attractive loans granted by private individuals through special internet portals.…

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Freelance Loan: Know How To Get

Financial loans are only for those looking to settle high interest rate issues such as credit card and overdraft, for example as well as organizing the day’s finances. day, cover possible unexpected expenses and even open a business of your own. But when it comes to self-employed loans, the barriers seem to be a little…

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